A>>Power Insole
Air Flow Upper
Shock Absorbing Heel Unit
Anti Slip Lining
Anti Slip Outsole
Anti Perforation Metal Free Insole
PU Midlayer Cushion
Metal Free Safety Toe Cap
Electrostatic Discharging
Lace Hideaway
Non Marking Outsole
Unique Comfort Foot Last
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Fashioned for optimum safety and comfort

In the world of international motorsport where one thousandth of a second can mean the difference between winning and losing, safety and comfort during a long hot tiring day are of paramount importance to the overall moral and performance of the team.


Creating a new generation of safety trainers for this challenging environment took an in-depth understanding of the technologies available to us along with a great deal of innovation and skill. The APower Safety Trainer is the culmination of this demanding yet rewarding process, setting new standards for safety and comfort.

A-Power Safety Toe Cap

Unique Superior Safety Toe Cap

A-Power Trainer Tongue Pocket

Pocket On Tongue To Conceal Laces

A-Power Safety Trainer Shock Absorbing Heel

Shock Absorbing Heel Unit

A-Power Safety Trainer Unique Sole Construction

Unique Blend Of Materials For The Non-Marking Sole Construction

PU Midlayer Cushion

PU Midlayer Cushion

A-Power Safety Trainer Airflow Upper

Airflow Upper

Anti-Slip Lining

A-Power Safety Trainer Anti-Slip Lining

Anti-Slip Lining

A-Power Safety Trainer Zero Penetration Mid Sole

Anti-Perforation Metal-Free Insole

A-Power Safety Trainer Electrostatic Discharging

Electrostatic Discharging

A-Power Safety Trainer Air Pump Insole

Air Pump Insole

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